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Why to choose us:
... advice
... support, and
... a licensed property trustee (Immobilientreuhänder) on location in Austria

Purchasing a property abroad poses a problem if you are not an expert in property law, the relevant ordinances, acts, and customs in a foreign country. In Austria, this is especially true with regard to:

  • property law: it differs considerably from German and Anglo-American property law and consists of far more regulations;

  • contracts on land require no particular form to come into force. Therefore, agreements on land are binding contracts in any case even without documentation by a notary. Nevertheless, we recommend the completion of a contract documented by a notary;

  • in Austria, the dedication of land, including the right to build on it, is not recorded in the land register;

  • danger zones and restrictions of use are not obvious from the land register;

  • classification of property as a historical monument is not documented in the land register;

  • the approval procedure for the purchase of land is still required in Austria and may pose considerable difficulties.

Due to our co-operation with Dipl.-Ing. Paul Rudolf Müller in Austria, fully qualified Austrian property trustee ("Immobilientreuhänder") licensed by the relevant Austrian Chamber of Commerce, we are able to offer our clients far more than estate agents in Germany usually do:

We see ourselves as genuine property trustees for our clients, providing more than the mere proof of a property in Austria. We consider it our particular service to attend to your needs related to your acquisition of a property in Austria:

  • we co-ordinate your visit to the property and arrange your accomodation,

  • we are present at your visit,

  • we inform you of our own accord about all shortcomings of a property known to us,

  • we go through all formalities required by Austrian property law before completion of a contract of purchase once you have decided to purchase a property,

  • we settle the contract of purchase and the notarial contract (two separate contracts in Austria) amongst you and the seller in advance,

  • we co-ordinate your appointment with the notary that will take place in our presence,

  • we monitor the keeping of schedules laid down in the notarial contract, e.g. the date of transfer of the property to you,

  • we are present when the property is handed over to you and keep a record of the proceedings,

  • we monitor the notary's work, i.e.:

    • the approval by the Committee for the transfer of property (Grundverkehrskommission),

    • the payment of land transfer tax (Grunderwerbsteuer),

    • the documentation of the transfer of property in the land register.

We aim to make your purchase of property in Austria as easy as possible, observing all relevant regulations stipulated by Austrian law.

It goes without saying that no costs will incur to you through our activities, unless a contract of purchase has been completed due to our arrangement.

We strive at a successful and agreeable co-operation with you.
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